On 13 July 2011, the General Court handed down judgments on appeals by companies fined by the Commission for their participation in a cartel on the synthetic rubber market. The Court dismissed Shell’s appeal in its entirety. However, it annulled the Commission’s decision in relation to Unipetrol and its subsidiary Kaucuk, and Trade-Stomil. The General Court found that the Commission had not established to the requisite standard of proof that these companies had participated in the cartel meetings at which the unlawful agreements were reached. There were doubts about the evidence relied on which must operate to the advantage of the companies. In relation to Dow, the General Court found that the Commission had erred in assessing the point at which its involvement in the cartel began. However, this did not affect the calculation of the fine imposed. Finally, the Court reduced the fine imposed on Eni and its subsidiary Polimeri Europa on the basis that the Commission had not produced sufficient detailed evidence to establish that they had committed a repeat infringement. Read more