The NMa presented its 2010-2011 agenda on 14 January 2010, in which it designated the following sectors as its 2010 priorities: the processing industry, the financial and business services industry and the health care industry.10 The NMa will furthermore keep a close watch on the construction industry, the textbooks market and the mail services industry.

The NMa’s suspicion of a big cartel in the flour industry was one of the reasons for selecting the processing industry as a 2010 priority. Like the European Commission, the NMa has uncovered several cartels in this industry in the past.11 In regard of the financial and business services, the NMa will focus on cooperation in the banking and the insurance industry. In addition, the NMa has indications of anti-competitive conduct in the real estate industry. The health care industry can expect new guidelines on the application of the Dutch Competition Act to the health care sector.