Representatives from the world’s five largest industrial design offices, including the USPTO, the JPO, the KIPO, the OHIM and the SIPO, gathered to discuss new ways of improving existing industrial design framework (i.e. the Industrial Design 5 Forum (ID5)) in Alexandria VA, December 3-4, 2015.

Acknowledging the growing importance of industrial design, the five largest trademark offices in the world (TM5) created the ID5 forum. The forum focuses on improving consistency in registration policies, cataloging office practices, promoting interoperable procedural frameworks, and protecting emerging designs such as graphical user interfaces (GUIs), animations and other new technology designs. 

During the course of the ID5 conference The five offices signed an Agreed Statement on Administering a New Industrial Design Framework (ID5). The Agreed Statement recognized the importance of promoting and further development of a user friendly industrial design protection system and endeavored to establish a new industrial design framework comprised of the five offices.

Source: the USPTO.