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Dr. Ellen Wohl of Colorado State University joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss rivers and streams, and headwaters streams in particular. If you’ve always thought of rivers and streams as conduits to flush away whatever we put into it, this podcast will open your eyes to how rivers and streams interconnect with their surroundings and why headwater streams are so important.

Important Note: I am not taking a position on the current United States Environmental Protection Agency rulemaking concerning “waters of the United States,” but I do believe Ellen’s discussion provides important context and information that can contribute to the discussion of that rulemaking.

In this Session, You’ll Learn about:

  • What fluvial geomorphology is
  • What a fluvial geomorphologist does
  • What a headwaters river is
  • Why headwater rivers and streams are important
  • The connections of headwaters rivers and streams to the surrounding environment
  • Nutrient introduction into rivers and streams
  • The impact of logjams on headwater rivers and streams
  • Why complexity and heterogeneity are important to headwater rivers and streams
  • How human activities affect rivers and streams
  • What a “leaky river” is
  • How “leaky rivers” affect water quality
  • What nutrification is
  • The impact of nutrification
  • How complex and heterogeneous rivers and streams help retain and store nutrients

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