The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission has issued a call for evidence in preparation for its second State of the Nation Annual Report due in October 2014.

The Commission seeks information on progress made by government and society in improving social mobility and reducing child poverty from a wide range of organisations including universities, charities, employers, local government and frontline service providers.

The responses will help the Commission assess the progress made, hold the government to account, and make recommendations as to what action should be taken.

The call for evidence covers a wide range of issues. In particular, it seeks evidence from the higher education sector on:

  • What progress is being made in access to the most selective universities? What further steps should universities and the Government take to widen participation?
  • Progress on: coordinated outreach; shifting spending to attainment raising and away from bursaries and fee waivers; use of contextual admissions and foundation programmes; and access to postgraduate study.
  • Question-marks have been raised about the sustainability of the current university funding settlement. What would a socially mobile-friendly future settlement look like?
  • How much of an issue are declining numbers of part-time students an issue for social mobility? What can the Government and universities do to address this decline?

The call for evidence is open until Friday 11 July 2014.