According to a recently published YouGov report, “Personal Injury 2014”, the number of people who made a claim after suffering an injury due to the fault of others fell by 4% over the last 12 months. Contrary to popular perception, the report found that only  a quarter of those injured in an accident caused by the actions or inactions of others made a claim.

The report suggested that, of the 25% who did bring a claim, a significant number were encouraged to do so by other parties such as direct contact by claims management companies. YouGov reported that fewer people are receiving unsolicited texts and emails but more are being cold called. This tactic does produce results as  13% of those surveyed said they had not intended to make a claim until they were contacted and persuaded to seek compensation.

Of those who had an injury but decided not to bring a claim, the main reasons for not doing so were that they did not feel that their injuries were severe enough to warrant a claim; they did not feel happy with bringing a claim; or they did not agree with the principle of bringing claims.