The white paper, ‘True Cloud versus Hosted Cloud’, provides a useful insight into what constitutes True Cloud and how it differs from other cloud-based services, such as Hosted Cloud, that are not of the same technical standard. The white paper explores True Cloud and topics include:

True Cloud and Hosted Cloud definitions

As the demand for cloud-based practice management solutions increase, the white paper explores what True Cloud is and what makes it different from other services marketed as True Cloud that offer some elements but still rely on technology such as local servers, virtual connections and other setups that don’t offer the complete True Cloud experience.

Cost, Space & Resources

True Cloud also offers cost advantages compared to Hosted Cloud options. The white paper explores the different factors that affect this, from design to end-user integration. True Cloud tends to be designed with a better overview of its overall functionality and purpose. It also lends itself better to scalability, offering better cost benefits to businesses that are growing and looking to develop. Other cost benefits include cutting down on resources and space and also overhauling IT requirements such as staff and outmoded equipment.


True Cloud removes the need to remain tied to one machine in one office. Instead, multiple devices can be used any time of the day and in any location, freeing up time and improving productivity. With secure login credentials and a compatible device being the main requirements, this technology can be used for everything from hot-desking within the office to collaborating with clients on the move.

Backups and Upgrades

Backups are continually carried out in the background, keeping information synced in real-time. This eliminates problems such as data loss and additional IT resources that maybe required when True Cloud solutions are not utilised.


True Cloud eliminates downtime, improving efficiency and profitability. Whereas, Hosted Cloud offerings cannot guarantee the same levels of efficiency, and data redundancy can prove to be a problem with data not consolidated in one secure place.

Data Security

Security is paramount when it comes to handling data and storing it with a reliable True Cloud service can offer a secure environment for your data as well as peace of mind.

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