The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a notice of modification to Advisory Opinion No. 04-15, a 2004 advisory opinion, regarding a charitable organization's operation of a patient assistance program that provides grants to financially needy patients to defray costs of prescription drug therapies. The patient assistance program subsidizes, in whole or in part, certain Medicare beneficiaries' Part B cost-sharing obligations. In its notice of modification, the OIG reviewed the charitable organization's three proposed changes to its patient assistance program: (1) to provide donors to the patient assistance program with monthly data regarding the aggregate number of applicants and qualifying applicants for assistance in particular disease categories; (2) to modify its standard donat ion agreement to allow donors to change or discontinue their contributions without cause with 120 days' prior written notice; and (3) to expand its patient assistance program to provide assistance to patients suffering from additional, specific and life-threatening diseases. The OIG concluded that the three modifications to the charitable organization's patient assistance program did not affect its prior favorable conclusion in Advisory Opinion No. 04-15. Read the notice of modificationhere and the prior Advisory Opinion No. 04-15 here.