The State Council published the Development Plan for the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence (the “Plan”) on 20 July 2017, which sets out the strategic targets for the development of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in China.

According to the Plan, by 2020, the technologies and applications of AI in China should generally be in line with the most advanced levels in the world. AI industries will become a new and important economic growth point. The application of AI technologies will have become a new method to improve people's livelihoods. By 2025, the fundamental AI theories should have achieved significant breakthroughs and some technologies and applications should have reached a world-leading level. In addition, AI should become a major power driving the industrial upgrade and economic transition. The establishment of an AI society should mean that positive developments are achievable. By 2030, AI theories, technologies and applications should generally reach a world-leading level. China should become one of the major AI innovation centres in the world.

The Plan also sets out, at a high level, the guiding principles, key development areas, resource allocation and policy support for the development of AI in China. 

Please click here to read the full text (Chinese only) of the Plan.