On January 18, 2015, Turkey amended its regulations on trademarks, patents, industrial designs and integrated circuit topographies to encourage online filings with the Turkish Patent Institute ("TPI"). The main changes relate to the recording of licenses and assignments as well as waivers and withdrawal of applications, for which the previous system required original, wet signature documents. This highly anticipated change comes after the announcement of the 2015 fees for trademark, patent and design filings, in which the TPI lowered official fees for online filings to encourage use of the new system.

What the amendments do

The required documents for filing recording of assignments, licenses or withdrawals have not changed. Now, however, the system also accepts copies of the documents, which will be docketed online. Instead of physical filings or proceedings, applicants or their attorneys will be able to docket the documents electronically under their e-signature and a statement that the electronically submitted documents are a true copy of the originals. The TPI reserves its right to require further documentation if there is any doubt as to the correctness of a copy.


The online filing system is now live for use for all types of procedures, such as recording an assignment and license and waiving an application. Under the new system, proceedings are expected to be both easier and faster.