Infanrix Tetra

Information Circular 066/CD/.8.1.7 of 2014-03-20

Infarmed clarifies the following:

  • Following the receipt of notification regarding the suspicion of serious adverse reactions, Infarmed, as a precaution measure, determines the immediate suspension of the use of the following vaccine: Infanrix Tetra – Suspension injectable in a pre-filled syringe, lot no. AC20B268AB, expiration date 31-07-2015.

  • Since this medicinal product is administered by health professionals, the entities with this lot should administer it until the assessment of the situation is completed.

Medical Devices for Respiratory Home Care

Information Circular 088/CD/8.1.7 of 2014-04-11

Infarmed clarifies the following:

  • The instruction manuals provided together with this type of equipment m ust contain information relating to its operation and maintenance.
  • In case of any problems or any other difficulty with the equipment, users should be advised to contact their health care providers and the equipment supplier.
  • All incidents resulting from the use of this equipment must be reported to Infarmed.