Romania’s chances for becoming a principal interconnector in South-Eastern Europe in the near future increased greatly thanks to the European Commission’s recent list of 195 energy infrastructure key-projects of common interest ("PCIs"). The PCIs aim to diversify gas suppliers, sources and routes throughout the EU by providing accelerated planning and permit approval procedures, increased visibility for investors and financial support under the Connecting Europe Facility. Of the 195 PCIs, 16 of them concern the development of the Romanian energy infrastructure and the growth of Romania’s interconnection capacity. 

Additionally, the list highlights the importance of cooperation between Member States to improve energy independence and efficiency, by designation multiple Priority Corridors aiming to interconnect Central Eastern and South Europe as PCIs (Priority Corridor North-South Electricity Interconnections in Central Eastern and South Europe). As a result, in the future, we should expect increased cooperation between various governments to integrate newly needed projects and remove obsolete ones, in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Austria.