It has been reported that the MoJ is to take over the running of Medway Secure Training Centre from July 2016, following abuse allegations at the centre that emerged in January of this year.

Operating the centre through the MoJ’s National Offender Management System (Noms), this is the first time the government will have run a secure training centre. Whilst a new director is expected to be appointed following the standing down of the unit’s previous director, Ralph Marchant, it has been reported that staff currently at Medway are likely to transfer to Noms.

This news follows an earlier announcement in February from G4S, the private security group which ran Medway since its opening in 1998, that it will be selling its UK children’s services business, which includes 13 children’s homes and 2 STC’s (Medway and Oakhill).

Whilst the MoJ has stressed that its priority will always be the safety and welfare of young people in custody, further details are yet to be announced, including, it is hoped, details of any additional training and education any transferred staff will receive.

At present, Leigh Day understands that five members of staff have been sacked and three more suspended. Four men have been arrested on suspicion of child neglect and a fourth on suspicion of assault.