Preventing and fighting corruption are already as essential premises in the international business community, we wanted to evaluate the reality of Paraguay in that field. To such end, we carried out the "Diagnostic Compliance Survey", which allowed us to know the degree of implementation of Compliance programs in local companies. We asked officers of leading local companies to help us completing a brief survey with the main questions related to the subject.

The results and conclusions of the survey are not only encouraging, but also highlight the growing importance that Compliance programs are acquiring, demonstrating that complying with the rules of the game and maintaining ethical behavior are becoming fundamental for the development of businesses at the local level.

Policies and procedures duly documented, written commitments for the implementation of compliance programs, codes of conduct, due diligence processes, channels to report suspicious behaviors, the figure of Compliance officers , matrixes of risks, training programs and external support to the area of Compliance of the company, are all relevant indicators to know the degree of development that this area is reaching and that we have analyzed to obtain this interesting vision on business conduct at the local level .