The Macau Labour Relations Law (Law 7/2008) establishes the general regime of labour relations:

Employee Guaranties and Rights:

  1. Protection against discrimination;
  2. Protection against dismissal;
  3. Rest days, statutory holidays and paid annual leave during employment;
  4. Justified absence of work (including sickness);
  5. Retribution of maternity leave;
  6. Normal work cannot exceed 8 hours a day and 48 hours per week;
  7. When overtime and night work is rendered the worker is entitle to compensation.

Employee and Employer are free to establish different terms, however, the implementation of such terms cannot result in working conditions less favorable to the employee that those that arise from the law.

Employee Duties

  1. Respect the employer;
  2. Punctuality and loyalty;
  3. Work with zeal and commitment;
  4. Obey the employer, except when such instructions violate any of the worker’s rights and guarantees;
  5. Conserve work items;
  6. Cooperate with employer (regarding initiatives, hygiene and work safety).

Compensations on Termination:

If the employee is dismissed with just cause he is not entitle to compensation. However the lack of written notice of dismissal (30 days) will entitle him to receive twice of the amount of compensation due for termination without just case. Compensation for dismissal without cause is calculated based on the length of the work relationship.

Regardless of cause or not for termination, the employee is entitled:

  • Salary due for the month of dismissal;
  • Compensation for the previous year unused holidays (if any) and the proportional in respect of the current year holidays;
  • 13th month pay (if applicable);
  • Other periodic benefits that may have been given to the employee (or their proportional).