Health insurers, academic hospitals and other hospitals have -through their sector associations- agreed on a joint purchasing policy for expensive medicinal products used in hospitals in the Netherlands. The aim of the cooperation is to ensure patient access and affordability of expensive medicinal products within hospitals for the long term. Patients, medical specialists and hospital pharmacists were involved in the preparation of the joint purchasing policy.

A common pilot has been developed for joint purchasing of certain oncological medicinal products for the treatment of myeloid leukemia. This pilot will be used in 2018 to assess whether the joint purchasing policy can be successful. In the pilot one medicinal product will be purchased by means of a European tender and will be designated as preferred medicinal product. However, a medical specialist shall always be authorised to deviate from the preferred medicinal product if deemed necessary for the benefit of an individual patient. It is expected that 50-60 hospitals will participate in the pilot and that the joint purchasing policy will be extended over the coming years to cover other expensive medicinal products as well.