Wechat official platform supports and encourages valuable original contents and high-quality services. We firmly oppose and fight against plagiarism and other infringing acts. “Wechat official platform operation standard”has set up punishment rules regarding intellectual property infringement of Wechat official accounts upon others. If you have discovered any plagiarizing or other infringing acts, it is possible to report the infringement via the following “infringement complaint” process. 

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In respect of plagiarism and other infringing acts, according to relevant provisions stipulated in “Wechat official platform operation standard”, the punishment rules of the Wechat official platform are stipulated as follows: 

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Meanwhile, in order to promote Wechat official platform to generate more high-quality original articles, Wechat official platform has recently released the “originality announcement” function, which temporarily has been open to the verified media official accounts only. Regarding malicious and infringing acts of falsely using “originality announcement” function while disregarding the platform rules, once discovered or reported, the “originality announcement” function of the official account will be withdrew permanently, along with a periodical block of the account. 

The link to the disciplinary rule for IP Infringement on Wechat. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/cgibin/announce?action=getannouncement&key=1422966644&version=7&lang=zh_CN