The rate of mergers in the nonprofit sector has remained relatively unchanged despite the fact that mergers and acquisitions in for-profit corporations have noticeably increased in number according to an article by The Huffington Post.  Over the past several years, private donations have decreased and the government has cut much of its support for nonprofits. Despite those statistics, the number of nonprofits grew 7 percent between 2007 and 2011 to make approximately 40 nonprofits per U.S. zip code. Even so, the number of nonprofit mergers has not wavered, according to the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  The article says that while nonprofit mergers make sense and can be a better way to provide higher quantity and quality of services at a more affordable cost, there are hard and soft barriers to moving forward with mergers and acquisitions. In the nonprofit industry, there are not enough “matchmakers” or financial packages to make this work more often. Another  Stanford Social Innovation Review article indicates that successful mergers require the effective blending of boards of directors, senior staff and brands. For more information on successful nonprofit mergers, read the full article.