A Pennsylvania state court affirmed the denial of a workers' compensation benefits claim that was based in part on alleged stress triggered by computer crashes. In DeSalvo v. Workers' Compensation Appeal Board, the court held that an employee who filed a claim against his employer for work-related aggravation of pre-existing mental conditions, had not met his burden of showing abnormal working conditions created the aggravation. DeSalvo worked for Daily's Juice as an on-call computer-technician. He claimed that the alleged stress of wearing a beeper and being on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week created abnormal working conditions and as proof of his level of stress, pointed to the fact that he was forced to take time off from work for stress after a computer crashed twice in one day. The court held that these conditions did not indicate a level of stress above one's subjective reaction to normal working conditions, and affirmed the denial of benefits by the state's Workers' Compensation Appeal Board.