On April 3, Fannie Mae updated its Selling Guide, including changes to clarify its lender contribution policy and add the option of full-service certificate custodians (FCCs). According to Fannie Mae SEL-2018-03, lender-sourced contributions to fund closing are permitted as long as the contribution is not (i) used to fund any portion of the down payment; (ii) subject to repayment requirements; or (iii) sourced from a third party. While the contribution cannot exceed borrower-paid closing costs, there is otherwise no limit on the amount of the lender contribution unless the lender is an interested party to the transaction. If the lender is an interested party, the contribution is subject to the Interested Party Contributions policy. Additionally, the Selling Guide includes information related to lenders’ option to use a Fannie Mae approved FCC for whole loans and for loans in mortgage-backed securities. The updated information includes (i) documentation and delivery requirements for loans delivered to FCCs; (ii) certification process for loans delivered to FCCs; and (iii) recognition of the new Master Custodial Agreement, which will govern the relationships involved. The Selling Guide also clarifies transaction timing related to whether a single-closing construction-to-permanent transaction is processed as a purchase or a refinance.