What does this cover?

The ICO has issued a warning to political campaigning groups in a recent blog, entitled 'Nine points EU referendum campaign groups should remember if they don’t want to break the rules'.

The ICO's warning is delivered in anticipation of the UK's EU referendum which will ask voters to decide whether the UK should remain in European Union. The referendum must take place by the end of 2017 but news sources have predicted that David Cameron may seek to hold the referendum as early as this year.

The ICO's blog warns campaigning groups that they should comply with data protection and communications laws in respect of all communications with the public with such campaigning coming under the definition of 'direct marketing'.

As part of the ICO's campaign it has developed a 9 point list to help organisations comply. In summary, the list advises:

  1. organisations ensure the individual they are contacting has given appropriate consent and take into account any indication that they may object to such contact;
  2. if contact is made, appropriate identification of the caller and their contact details should be provided;
  3. if collecting information, ensure appropriate privacy notices are in place and ensure compliance with ICO requirements for processing personal data, and
  4. process collected information fairly.

To view the ICO's blog on this story, please click here.

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Pertinent to political campaign groups, the nine point list is helpful to all organisations wishing to conduct compliant marketing campaigns.