Romania has implemented the 2014 EU directive (2014/67) on the posting of workers. Posted workers that have been sponsored by Romanian employers must now notify the Regional Labour Inspectorate (RLI).

New requirements 

EU/EEA based employers who post workers for assignments in Romania must inform the RLI at least one business day prior to the assignment start date.

The following information must be provided by the employer, in Romanian language:

  • Details of the recipient institution, including confirmation of the district in which the institution is located;
  • Details of the sending company, including their name, address and fiscal identification number;
  • The name of the legal representative of the foreign company in Romania;
  • Details of the representative in the Romanian company who will be the liaison with the labour authorities;
  • The purpose and timescale of the assignment; 
  • Details of the posted worker, including name, date of birth, job title and Romanian ID number; and 
  • Non-EU assignees require a second declaration including details of the assignee.

Documents that must be retained by the employer in Romania

For at least three years after the employee’s posting, the Romanian company must keep certain documents. The Romanian company has an obligation to present these documents within 20 days should they be requested. These documents include hard/soft copies of:

  • Original registered notification of the worker;
  • Document that confirms the details of the liaison with the labour inspectorate authorities;  
  • Details of the worker’s work schedule; and
  • Secondment letter for each posted worker (the Romanian notarised translation of the document must also be retained).