On May 4, 2017, the SEC denied a whistleblower claim on the basis that the tipster had given information to other federal agencies which had not been passed on to the SEC. See SEC Release No. 80,596, File No. 2017-10 (May 4, 2017). The tipster claimed to have information about misconduct by a particular individual. After the tipster said he had shared that information with another federal agency, SEC staff searched for the tip but did not find anything, and staff for the other agency said they did not share the information with the SEC. In a footnote, the SEC notes that even if the other agency had shared information, the tipster would likely not qualify for an award because the rules state that information must be provided directly to the SEC. (Although in past instances, the SEC has considered awards where information has actually been used in investigations.) The tipster did eventually submit a written tip to the SEC with the information, but by that point the SEC had completed its investigation, and was only determining the amount of sanctions to be paid. The SEC stated that the tipster’s information did not affect the final settlement amount.