EIOPA recently published its two year action plan for colleges of supervisors for 2015/2016. Key focuses in this regard (aimed at ensuring consistency and quality in Solvency II implementation) include discussing whether (a) own risk and solvency assessment and solvency calculations are consistent and (b) there are any plans for sub-group supervision. EIOPA also recently published a final report on its proposed guidelines on the operational functioning of supervisory colleges. This follows EIOPA's April 2014 consultation on the draft guidelines and the report includes a feedback statement setting out EIOPA responses to the submissions received by it. EIOPA has made certain updates to the draft guidelines, to reflect the submissions (e.g. comments received to the effect that definitions of sub-group supervision and specialised teams should be clear in order for group supervision to be effective).  It is intended that, with limited exceptions (which will apply from 1 January 2016), the guidelines will apply from 1 April 2015.