Decree n°2012-1296 of 22 November 2012 amending Decree n°99-130 of 24 February 1999 on the financial support of the film industry provides a selective financial aid of the Centre National de Cinéma et de l'image animée (National Center of Cinematography and the moving image - CNC) to producers of full-length feature films.

This selective financial aid aims at backing the creation of digital subtitling and audio-description files as well as their multi-support transfer so as to allow better access to works for the blind or partially-sighted people and deaf or hard of hearing people. The aid cannot exceed 50% of the expenditure devoted to the creation and transfer of files and is granted by the CNC to cinematographic works that have been initiated in France and which have obtained the approval of investments after 1 January 2012. However, foreign language cinematographic works that are eligible and have not been dubbed in French can benefit from this selective aid for the creation and the multi-support transfer only of digital subtitling files.