On August 28, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in Taub v. Investment Dealers Association of Canada, a case respecting the jurisdiction of the Investment Dealers Association, (now merged with Regulation Services to form the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)), to discipline former members. The IDA's rules and bylaws, by which members agreed to be governed, specified that the IDA had jurisdiction over former members for the purposes of discipline for five years after one's membership ended. In this case, the IDA brought disciplinary procedures against Taub a year after he ceased being a member of the association. Taub challenged the IDA's jurisdiction over former members, but was unsuccessful before the association's hearing panel in this regard. On review, the Ontario Securities Commission agreed that the IDA had jurisdiction over Taub. The Divisional Court, however, overturned the findings of the IDA panel and the OSC. In doing so, the Divisional Court found that section 21.1(3) of Ontario's Securities Act made no provision for the regulation of former members which, therefore, limited the reach of the IDA's jurisdiction to current members.

In the immediate appeal, the Ontario Court of Appeal found that the OSC's reasons were clear and understandable and that they justified the result reached by the Commission. The Court of Appeal disagreed that the language of s. 21.1(3) limited the jurisdiction of the IDA and ultimately set aside the decision of the Divisional Court.