Details from Each Chamber


The House worked through the Calendar this week, giving third reading to various bills on Tuesday. During the Majority Caucus meeting, the Speaker told the members that both Chairman White and Chairman Leatherman are working towards finishing the budget in time to deal with the vetoes prior to the June 5th Sine Die adjournment. He mentioned they might have to reconvene on Wednesday, June 25th if they had to return for vetoes.

Wednesday, the House met at 10:00 to address their Calendar, receive committee reports and introduce several groups and visitors.

The House moved quickly through their Calendar Thursday until they stalled on H. 5225, a contested Florence-area bill. The bill finally got third reading and was sent to the Senate. The Speaker told the House to prepare to work before and after lunch on Tuesday, May 20th. Representative Saab reminded the members of the SC/NC basketball game scheduled for Thursday, May 22nd. The lobbyists game will begin at 5:00 and the legislative game at 6:00.

The House will reconvene Tuesday at noon.

Several bills of interest passed the House this week: 

  • S. 997 Speech Pathologist & Audiology Practice Act Revisions
  • S. 913 Falconry Permits
  • S. 1071 Game Zones/DNR 


The Senate spent much of the week deliberating amendments to the budget, while working through the uncontested Calendar. On Tuesday, several resolutions and conference reports were adopted.

Wednesday, the Senate continued deliberations on the state budget, H.4701, giving the bill third reading late in the afternoon. On Thursday, the Senate debated and voted on H.4702, the Capital Reserve Fund.

If you have any questions on amendments or actions on the budget, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

The Senate will reconvene Tuesday at noon.

The House returned several bills with amendments to the Senate. Some of interest include: