Employers in South Korea are obliged to provide annual anti sexual harassment training to their employees. Is your company compliant?

Sexual Harassment Training

The obligation on employers is to ‘conduct education to prevent sexual harassment at work at least once a year’. According to the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Equal Employment and Support for Work-Family Reconciliation, the training must cover:

  1. the laws and regulations regarding sexual harassment at work;
  2. handling procedures and standards for measures upon the occurrence of sexual harassment at work;
  3. grievance counselling and remedial procedures for victims of sexual harassment at work; and
  4. other matters necessary for the prevention of sexual harassment a work.

Depending on the size and character of the company, the education may be provided through employee training, morning sessions, meetings and cyber education. Distributing promotional material covering the required topics will only be sufficient for companies with fewer than 10 employees or a single gender workforce.


Employers should:

  1. review their anti discrimination and harassment policies and ensure that they cover the requirements in South Korea;
  2. formulate appropriate education training; and
  3. provide, and keep records of, annual training sessions