Published in the Portuguese official  gazette, Ordinance no. 149-A/2014, of July 25, creates the Medida Estímulo Emprego, a measure to stimulate the employment, which  consists in  granting the employer financial support to the  execution of employment  contracts with unemployed  individuals  registered  at the IEFP, I.P. (Institute of  Employment and Vocational Training).

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This measure can be combined with  other  measures that provide for full or  partial  exemption from contributions to the Social Security system; it cannot, however, be  combined with other direct measures applicable to the same job position.

The fixed-term employment contracts supported under  Measure Stimulus 2013 can  benefit from the conversion of the  employment contracts  into permanent  employment  contracts provided for in Ordinance No. 106/2013 of March 14. This Medida Estimulo Emprego came into force today.