Cervical and lumbar fusions are becoming quite common in New Jersey and, at times, can quadruple case value. Set forth below are some recent verdicts/settlements in New Jersey to start your day:

Camden County, NJ: $2,250,000 verdict for cervical fusion surgery and future lumbar fusion. Plaintiff struck by tractor trailer. Plaintiff was 51 years old and testified that he could no longer work as a commercial truck driver. The plaintiff was awarded $1,000,000 for pain and suffering and the remaining award was for lost wages and future medical expenses.

Middlesex County, NJ: $785,000 verdict for two level fusion surgery. Fifty year old plaintiff struck by box truck in stop and go traffic. Plaintiff did not assert a wage loss claim, but rather maintained that he suffered a TBI injury which required him to work 15-20 hours more per week to accomplish the same tasks he performed pre injury.

Morris County, NJ: $550,000 settlement for lumbar fusion and no wage loss. Plaintiff rear ended by truck. Seventy year old plaintiff claimed he had to use a cane post-accident.

Monmouth County, NJ: $600,000 settlement for lumbar and cervical surgeries (no fusions) following rear end by commercial pickup truck. Plaintiff out of work for 6 months. Although films showed degenerative disc disease, plaintiff argued he was asymptomatic before the accident.