Private health units

Decree-Law no. 74/2016. D.R. 214/2016, Series I of 2016-11-08 

Amends Decree-Law no. 16/99, of 25th January, which regulates the licensing, operation and supervision of the activity of private units in the area of treatment or rehabilitation of drug addicts, by defining the legal requirements applicable to the facilities, organization and functioning of this activity.

Resolution of the Parliament 214/2016, D.R. 123/2016, Series I of 2016-11-07 

Recommends that the Government monitor the implementation of Law 71/2013, of 2 September, which regulates Law 45/2003, of August 22, on the professional practice of the activities of application of non-conventional therapies.


Decree-Law no. 75/2016. D.R. 214/2016, Series I of 2016-11-08 

Amends Decree-Law 307/2007, of 31th August, which establishes the legal regime applicable to the retail pharmacies and revokes Decree-Law 241/2009 of 16th September, which establishes the regime applicable to the pharmacies that dispense the medicinal products to the public in the hospitals of the National Health Service. 

Order 262/2016. D.R. 193/2016, Series I of 2016-10-07 

Regulates the specific compensation granted to the retail pharmacies for the dispense of reimbursed medicinal products due to the reduction of the reference prices.

Patient's Transport

Order 275/2016. D.R. 200/2016, Series I of 2016-10-08 

Amends Order 142-B/2012, of 15th May, which defines the conditions under which the National Health Service assures the non-urgent transportation of patients that complements to healthcare services. 

Reimbursement of medical devices

Order no. 284/2016. D.R. 212/2016, Series I of 2016-11-04 

Establishes the reimbursement system of medical devices used for the support of ostomized patients beneficiary of the National Health Service.

Prescription of medicinal products

Order 284-A/2016. D.R. 212/2016, 1st Supplement, Series I of 2016-11-04 

Amends Order 224/2015, of 27th July, which establishes the legal regime applicable to the prescription and dispense of medicinal products, by defining the information obligations to provide to patients. 

Ministerial Order 13260-A/2016 – D.R. 212/2016, 1st Supplement, Series II of 2016-11-04 Health - Office of the Health Secretary of State 

Approves the models of medical prescription and treatment guide, which will contain the logos «Portuguese Republic - Health» and «SNS - National Health Service». 

Ministerial Oder 12997/2016. D.R. 208/2016, Series II of 2016-10-28 Health - Office of the Assistant Secretary of State 

Establishes the creation of Team to Follow-up on the Evaluation Studies ex-post of the Primary Health Care Reform, initiated by the XVII Constitutional Government and focused on the transformation of Primary Health Care Units into Family Health Units, to be carried out by the National School Public Health and the Directorate-General for the Qualification of Public Employees, coordinated by Prof. Doctor Constantino Theodor Sakellarides 

National Diabetes Program

Ministerial Order 13277/2016. D.R 213/2016, Series II of 2016-11-07

Health - Office of the Assistant Secretary of State 

Within the framework of the National Diabetes Program, it establishes the development of the strategy to Access to Treatment with Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Perfusion (PSCI), with the aim of ensuring the coverage of the entire eligible population of pediatric age up to the 2019. 


Resolution of the Parliament 200/2016. D.R. 199/2016, Series I of 2016-10-17

Reinforcement of the measures to prevent, diagnose, treat and support breast cancer patients. 

Resolution of the Parliament 201/2016. D.R. 199/2016, Series I of 2016-10-17 Recommendation to the Government to release reports on the implementation of populationbased screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetic retinopathy, and colon and rectal cancer.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers 62/2016. D.R. 199/2016, Series I of 2016-10-17 

Approves the National Strategy for the Health Information Ecosystem 2020 - ENESIS 2020. 

Ministerial Order 11924/2016 .D.R. 192/2016, Series II of 2016-10-06

Health - Minister's Office 

Appoints and defines the competencies of the National Coordinator for Innovative Projects in Health, for the new hospitals and health tourism, as well as the elements of its Support Team. 

Resolution of the Council of Ministers 67/2016. D.R. 206/2016, Series I of 2016-10-26 

Creates the National Telehealth Cernter.


Ministerial Order 12799-A / 2016. D.R. 204/2016, 1st Supplement, Series II, 2016-10-24

Health - Office of the Secretary of State 

Determines the extension, until 31 October 2017, of the term of the contracts entered into under the legal regime of the conventions, Decree-Law 139/2013 of 9 October.