Mark Alderman, chairman of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies, and Jim Schultz, chair of Cozen O’Connor’s Government Law and Regulatory Affairs practice group, discuss Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention in their "Political Punchout" on NBC10 News. Jim says, “I think we, as Americans, should be less concerned about what the person who’s not going to be on the ballot said and more concerned about what the person who is going to be on the ballot said. Hillary Clinton – we just can’t trust her. She lied to the American public about the emails. She lied to the American public about producing classified information and receiving classified information and she lied about producing all the documents. She’s lied time and time again.” Jim adds that, “At worst, we’re talking about a campaign mishap here.” Mark says, “Jim, you have studied the Trump playbook well. This is what we get from your candidate. As something goes terribly wrong, as it does repeatedly in this campaign, the first impulse and instinct is to deny and blame. Blame the media, blame the Clinton campaign, deny that it happened. This happened. We all know it really was copied from her speech and instead of owning up to it, apologizing for it and moving on we have chaos, we have contradiction and we have denial.”

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Mark and Jim will be continuing the "Political Punchout" nightly from the RNC in Cleveland. See our 2016 Elections page for their insights.