The FSA has published Handbook Notice 85, which introduces the FSA Handbook and other material made by the FSA Board under its legislative powers on 9 and 26 February 2009.
The FSA Board made eight instruments during February 2009 which made changes to the FSA Handbook. On 9 February 2009, it made an instrument which reduces the minimum rights issue subscription period in the Listing Rules sourcebook from 21 days to 10 business days (FSA 2009/6).

On 26 February, the FSA Board made seven instruments which:

  • Make minor administrative corrections to the Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls sourcebook (FSA 2009/7).
  • Address the timing of notification of the intention to redeem or repay Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital requirements (FSA 2009/8).
  • Updated guidance on passporting in the Supervision manual (FSA 2009/9).
  • Amend FSA transaction reporting rules to improve the transaction reports for over-the-counter derivatives and ensure the reporting rules remain proportionate (FSA 2009/10).
  • Amend current Collective Investment Schemes sourcebook requirements for authorised funds in relation to the use of currency hedging (FSA 2009/11).
  • Amend the Listing Rules in respect of the Model Code and trading plans (FSA 2009/12).
  • Address a gap in the current Disclosure and Transparency Rules and reduce the potential for inappropriate exercise of influence on voting rights and/or for the acquisition of substantial stakes on an undisclosed basis (FSA 2009/13).

View Handbook Notice 85, (PDF 413KB), 27 February 2009