The USCIS recently issued a Memorandum following publication of a final rule which provides guidelines as to the “standard timeframes” for different types of Requests for Evidence (RFE). The USCIS Vermont Service Center is the first Center which has officially announced that it is adopting the guidance contained in this Memo. Prior to the issuance of this guidance, the USCIS would allow employers and foreign nationals up to 84 days in order to respond to an RFE. However, the Vermont Service Center has now stated that in implementing this guidance, very few of RFEs will be given an 84 day deadline. Most RFEs will be given a much shorter timeframe, possibly as little as 30 days. The Center stated that the 84 day timeframe will generally only be used for RFEs that require documentation from an overseas source. Therefore, employers and foreign nationals will have to respond much more quickly to RFEs. If an employer and/or foreign national does not respond to the RFE by the deadline, the petition will be denied. The USCIS does not grant extensions of time to respond to RFEs.