Nailed! Marque Lawyers' semiregular wrap up of who's been sprung by the ACCC and how much it cost

How do you like dem Apples!

The ACCC has commenced proceedings against technology giant, Apple, for allegedly misleading consumers about their rights under the consumer guarantees. Apple told customers they were not entitled to a free repair or replacement for their faulty product if it had previously been repaired by an `unauthorised repairer', which is bogus. Apple can't avoid its refund/repair/replace obligations simply because a consumer chose to use a third party repairer for repairs unrelated to the fault. Given Apple has already given the ACCC undertakings not to mislead people about their rights under the consumer guarantees we reckon the ACCC will be seeking a hard core fine. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

ACCC dripping mad with Jetstar and Virgin

Jetstar and Virgin Airlines have been hit with fines of $545,000 and $200,000 respectively for misleading drip pricing practices. Drip pricing happens where the total price is progressively `dripped' through a purchase flow. You start with $50 for an airfare, but by the time you've added taxes, booking fees and whatever else, the actual price is much more than that. Both airlines misled consumers by advertising fares without also disclosing the compulsory booking and service fees up front. Moral of the story? Display your prices in plane sight.

Polygraph? We Audi here...

The irony of Audi's (US) slogan `Truth in engineering' has never been more apparent than after the luxury car manufacturer was prosecuted for misleading diesel emission claims. The ACCC has continued its tirade against Volkswagen, now pursuing its subsidiary, Audi, for claiming its vehicles as being environmentally friendly when in fact they used software to produce lower levels of nitrogen oxide during testing. Yep, that's right Audi cheated.

Aveling Homes removes false reviews brick smart

Perth's (selfprofessed) `most trusted builder', Aveling Homes, is desperately trying to defend its title after the ACCC instituted proceedings, alleging that Aveling created fake `independent, third party consumer' review websites in order to post positive reviews and get further business. Unfortunately for Aveling, we think the only thing it will get out of this whole situation is a stony faade from consumers and a big fat fine from the court. Questions? Give us a call.