The July 2016 ACE Monthly Trade Update reminds traders that on July 23, 2016, U.S. Customs and Border (CBP) will deploy and mandate additional entry types for electronic entry and entry summary filing in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). With this implementation, all Automated Broker Interface (ABI) filers will be required to submit their electronic transactions in ACE and no longer be able to use the Automated Commercial System (ACS) to file the following entry types:

02 - Consumption (Quota/Visa)

07 - Consumption (Antidumping/Countervailing Duty and Quota/Visa)

12 - Informal (Quota/Visa other than textiles)

21 - Warehouse

22 - Re-warehouse

31 - Warehouse Withdrawal (Consumption)

32 - Warehouse Withdrawal (Quota)

34 - Warehouse Withdrawal (Antidumping/Countervailing Duty)

38 - Warehouse Withdrawal (Antidumping/Countervailing Duty and Quota/Visa)

Entry types 06 ( Foreign Trade Zone) and 23 (Temporary Importation Bond) were previously mandated in ACE. However, filers were advised to continue filing these entry types with quota merchandise in ACS until July 23, 2016. With the July 23rd deployment, CBP will deploy system validations that will prevent the filing of ACE-mandated entry types in ACS.

This deployment will also bring CBP closer to the final stage delivery of core trade processing capabilities in ACE to complete full implementation of the “Single Window” by December 2016, as mandated by the President’s February 19, 2014, Execute Order 13659 – on streamlining the export/import process for America’s businesses.

For more information about this upcoming deployment in ACE, please review the “July 23rd Mandatory Date Information Notice” and “ACE Mandatory Use Dates”.