The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has launched what it describes as “the first easily, searchable database of nearly 16,000 processed food and drinks packaged in materials that may contain the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A, or BPA.” According to EWG, the new database organizes information obtained from a food industry website into a list of products that users can search from EWG’s Food Scores application.

“The industry website’s apparent main purpose is to help food companies supply warning signs to retailers,” states EWG in a June 17, 2016, press release. “It reveals that Americans are far more widely exposed than previously known to a hormone-disrupting industrial chemical that poses greatest risk to pregnant women, infants and children. But the website is a chaotic jumble––incomplete, inconsistent, poorly organized and hard to use.”

EWG claims that its BPA database features 926 brands linked to 16,000 products, “including more than 8,000 soup, vegetable, sauce and fruit products, nearly 1,600 tomato products, more than 1,400 beverages and more than 500 meat and seafood products.” As the consumer group concludes, “EWG urges the California Office of Health Hazard Assessment not to extend beyond October 2016 the temporary rule allowing warning signs to be placed at checkout. The agency should also move quickly to establish a ‘safe harbor’ limit for BPA in food packaging that takes into account risk from low doses, to allow customers to choose products that will not expose them to levels above the limit.”