Tom Loughton, Children’s Minister, has announced the publication of a new charter for fostering to follow the new fostering regulations recently published.

The proposed charter sets out clear principles on how foster carers should be treated and supported in their role by their foster caring service and the local authority. It also details how local authorities should recruit and retain foster carers and operates as a guide for what foster carers can expect.

The charter is designed to make it clear that a foster child should be treated as part of the family and foster carers should be able to let their foster children engage in everyday activities, such as haircuts, sleepovers and holidays, without excessive restrictions and barriers.

Chief Executive of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, David Holmes, has welcomed the charter as a “helpful addition to existing legislation and guidance”.

This is a useful reminder to colleagues that foster carers may be involved in care provision for children within the NHS. For further information regarding consent and parental responsibility clients can access our Health Resource Centre.