Securities and Exchange Commissioner Luis Aguilar said extending the reach of Regulation SCI to broker-dealers, over-the-counter market makers and transfer agents should be a “top priority” of the Commission, in order to help protect such entities against cyber attacks. Regulation SCI, adopted by the SEC during November 2014 (with a compliance date generally as of November 3, 2015), aims to improve the resiliency of the technological backbone of US securities markets and the SEC’s oversight of such infrastructures. (Click here to access additional details in the article “SEC Adopts New Rules to Beef-up Technology Backbone of Securities Markets” in the November 23, 2014 edition of Bridging the Week.) According to Mr. Aguilar, “Reg SCI will require certain key market participants, such as stock exchanges, to implement a robust set of cybersecurity protocols to ensure that their systems are secure from cyber attacks, and are also sufficiently resilient to recover should an attack succeed.” Mr. Aguilar argued that other registrants also should be required to adopt the mandatory requirements of Reg SCI to enhance their cybersecurity protections. He offered his suggestion during the SINET Innovation Summit on June 25, 2015.