After a long debate and resistance of some market players, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine (NCCR) adopted rules that lay down the order for number porting (Rules), which became effective as of 19 July 2013.

Under the Rules, from 20 December 2013 onwards, all subscribers of mobile telecom services should be able to retain their mobile numbers (including IDs of telecom networks) if they decide to change their mobile operator.

Ukraine decided to follow the best international practice and implement the so called “recipient-led” porting, whereby the customer contacts the new operator (recipient) rather than the former one (donor), and the recipient-operator is in charge of organizing number porting for the customer.

A customer may place a request for porting in different ways, including via SMS or the Internet. In Ukraine, porting will take at least 24 hours for mobile telecommunication services and 7 business days for fix-line services.

Technically, like in many other countries, number porting will be available in Ukraine via central database of ported numbers (Database). Telecommunication carriers, in turn, will have to ensure that their networks are compatible with the Database equipment.

The Database will be operated by an administrator to be appointed by the NCCR on a tender basis (Administrator). The NCCR launched the respective tender on 29 July 2013 with the deadline for applications submission being 29 August 2013. Applicants for Administrator’s functions must meet certain requirements, including (i) being totally unrelated to telecommunication operators, both in Ukraine and globally; (ii) being registered in Ukraine for at least 3 years prior to the application submission; (iii) having relevant experience in administration of telecommunication databases, of at least 1 year.

As mentioned above, so far number porting is to be implemented within mobile networks. Starting from 1 January 2015, such service may be available within fix-line networks but only if respective networks are compatible with the Database and subject to technical capability of the operator’s switching centres.

It is expected that by 1 January 2025 number portability will have been available within all kinds of telecom networks.

Apart from the above, Rules also specify the order of assignment of and servicing personal numbers.


Resolution of the NCCR No. 248, dated 25 April 2013 “On Approval of Regulation on Providing Number Porting Services and Personal Number Usage