Among its objectives and functions are: formulation, implementation and supporting of programs of education and information to consumers through consumer media, and other available mechanisms, as well as promoting rights, duties and formalization of the market to avoid vulnerability of consumers and users.

SEDECO will be headed by a Secretary, who shall be the legal representative of the institution, and shall be appointed by the Executive Branch. We must remember , that while the law from 1334/98 still remains in force, some of its articles have been derogated, among them, the one providing that the Enforcement Authority is the Minister of Industry and Trade.

SEDECO shows an important development for the defense of the Rights of Consumers and Users in Paraguay. The head office shall be based in Asuncion and it may establish branches in other cities.

Since 1998 the Defense of Consumers and Users law established the creation of a Department under the exclusive dependence of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, this largely precluded full professionalism and independence.

However and though this previous law, was not completely derogated, in August this year, Law No. 4974/2013 was enacted creating the Department of Consumer and User Protection which bears the name SEDECO (in Spanish acronym). The Enactment of this law means a new direction ensuring greater guarantees and security to users and consumers in Paraguay.

SEDECO has legal personality, managed by public law, autarquic and autonomous, able to manage its own resources. SEDECO as the power to act as Enforcement Authority of the Defense of Consumers and Users Law, and other laws and regulations governing similar matters, including legally recorgnized public and private institutions. Municipal or Departmental Institutions may act as Local Enforcement Authorities prior agreement with SEDECO.