Bryan Dunne, Head of Employment at Matheson, discusses the latest developments in Irish employment law. The podcasts are a key resource in keeping up to date for HR practitioners, employment lawyers and international employers with employees in Ireland. You can download the podcasts from the Matheson Soundcloud or iTunes pages.

Episode 12 - August 2015

In episode 12 of our Employment Law Podcast Series, Bryan reviews the recent decision of the Irish High Court in Reilly v Bank of Ireland, in which an employee was reinstated to his position six years after he had actually been dismissed.  This judgment turned on a number of points, though one of the key issues from an employer’s perspective is how it may now restrict an employer’s ability to suspend an employee pending a disciplinary investigation.  These are issues already being raised by employees’ representatives since this decision came out, so HR professionals and employers need to be aware of the implications of this decision and how to deal with them.

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