EBA updates on constrained currencies: EBA has issued an opinion in support of the Commission's amendments to EBA's final draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on currencies featuring constraints on the availability of liquid assets. The amendments support the removal of Danish Krone as a currency for which there are insufficient liquid assets and the recitals justifying why the Norwegian Krone still qualifies as a currency with such constraints. (Source: EBA Updates on Constrained Currencies)

EBA updates single rulebook Q&As: EBA has added four new items to its single rulebook Q&As. (Source: Single Rulebook Q&As)

EBA publishes annual report: EBA has published its 2014 annual report. The report outlines its main achievements in 2014 including:

  • completing the Single Rulebook in banking;
  • restoring confidence and transparency;
  • focus on the recovery and resolution regulation;
  • providing technical advice to the Commission;
  • contributing to a sounder remuneration framework;
  • promoting supervisory convergence;
  • playing a part in the EU-wide stress test;
  • investigating the work of shadow banks; and
  • protecting consumers and monitoring financial innovation.

The report also contains a detailed list of all the products delivered by EBA in 2014. (Source: EBA Annual Report 2014

EBA issues leverage ratio ITS: EBA has published updated ITS on disclosure and supervisory reporting of leverage ratio for EU institutions. The ITS set out a disclosure framework consisting of four templates:

  • a table reconciling the figures of the leverage ratio denominator with those reported under the relevant accounting standards;
  • a table providing a breakdown of the leverage ratio denominator by exposure category;
  • a table providing a further breakdown of the leverage ratio denominator by group of counterparty; and
  • a table with qualitative information on leverage risk.

The update has been prompted by the Commission's adoption of the Delegated Act on the Leverage Ratio on 10 October 2014. It includes minor changes to the templates and instructions. The draft ITS will become applicable the day after publication in the OJEU. (Source: Updated ITS on Disclosure and Supervisory Reporting of Leverage Ratio for EU Institutions)

EBA revises validation rules: EBA issued a revised list of validation rules for its ITS on supervisory reporting, highlighting those which have been deactivated either for incorrectness or for triggering IT problems. (Source: EBA Issues Revised List of ITS Validation Rules)