Recent decisions


The court was asked to assess damages in a claim for personal injury caused by five years of sexual abuse by a grandfather of his granddaughter between the ages of 11 and 16. The claimant was awarded a total of £193,543 comprising the following:

  1. £67,500 General Damages
  2. £15,000 Aggravated Damages
  3. £45,000 Past Loss of Earnings
  4. £40,000 Future Loss of Earnings
  5. £20,000 Disadvantage on the Labour Market
  6. £6,043 Special Damages in respect of past and future prescriptions, counselling and therapy,
  7. and travel.

AXN & Ors v (1) John Warboys (2) Inceptum Insurance Company Limited4

The victims of a taxi driver who lured women into his taxi and sexually assaulted them could not claim against the driver’s motor insurers. Their injuries did not “arise out of the use of a vehicle on a road” within the Road Traffic Act 1988. His deliberate acts were not required to be and were not covered by the insurance and his use of the vehicle at the time was not an insured use.