TPR and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have jointly produced “A guide on the regulation of work place contract-based pensions” (the Guide). The Guide considers group personal pensions (GPPs), group self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and stakeholder plans. However the Guide uses the term “GPP” to cover all these types of arrangements (as does this summary).

The Guide explains the following:

  • the framework within which TPR and the FSA regulate the various types of pensions from occupational final salary schemes to individual personal pensions - the FSA regulates the UK’s financial services industry and TPR regulates work-based pension schemes;
  • how the regulatory responsibilities of TPR and the FSA overlap where employers offer contract-based pension schemes and, in the event of significant risks affecting GPPs, how the two regulators will liaise regarding any action to be taken; and
  • the respective roles of the FSA and TPR. These are illustrated in a useful table of key areas of focus.

Case examples are also given for several scenarios, including member complaints, late payment of contributions and administrative system error.

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