On November 1, 2006, USCIS’ Nebraska, Texas, and Vermont Service Centers began forwarding to the California Service Center any new Applications for Waiver of Foreign Residence Requirement of Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), based on claims of exceptional hardship or persecution.

An applicant seeking a waiver of the foreign residence requirement based on claims of exceptional hardship or persecution should continue to file Form I-612 with the Service Center having jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence, in accordance with existing filing instructions. Individuals who have previously filed Form I-612 are not required to resubmit an application in connection with this change of procedure.

Furthermore, effective October 10, 2006, all INA 212(e) waiver recommendations received by the USCIS from the Department of State (DOS) based on a “no objection” statement from the individual’s home country, a request by an interested U.S. government agency, or a request by a State Department of Health (State Conrad 30) are being forwarded to the Vermont Service Center (VSC) for processing. Waiver recommendations based on these three eligibility categories are electronically transmitted from the DOS to the VSC for paperless processing. Upon review of the DOS’s recommendation, the VSC will issue a decision on the waiver requested.

For information on pending applications, please use the following methods: 

Call the National Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-375-5283 

Use the USCIS web-based Case Status Service at http://www.uscis.gov

Contact the USCIS Service Center from which correspondence was last received