In Crossan (82784/1), the Deputy Pensions Ombudsman has upheld the complaint by Mr Crossan, the son of a deceased member of a pension scheme and directed the scheme trustee to reconsider a decision to pay death benefits to the deceased member's partner, Ms A. The Ombudsman held that the trustee had failed to investigate adequately whether Ms A qualified as a beneficiary under the scheme rules; the trustee had decided that Ms A was a financial dependant on insufficient evidence and had not investigated an apparent contradiction in the evidence relating to how long she had been living with the deceased. The trustee had also taken too long (eleven months) to reach a decision in the first stage of its internal dispute resolution procedure in response to the applicant's complaint and provided the applicant with out of date information concerning the scheme rules. The ombudsman directed the trustee to pay a modest compensation of £100 to Mr Crossan for distress and inconvenience caused by the trustee's delay.