According to the latest statistics, TIPO in Q1 2013 received a total of 20,097 patent applications, a growth of 3.61% from the same quarter last year. The growth is due mainly to a 35.94% increase in design patent applications (2,534). The number of invention patent applications totaled 11,593. Of which, 4,832, and 6,761 applications were filed by ROC nationals and foreigners respectively. In terms of applicant’s nationality, Japan led by 3,470 applications, followed by the U.S. (1,679). The third and fourth places were respectively taken by South Korea (334) and Germany (282). Mainland China took the fifth place with 182 applications. The first quarter of 2013 has been very fruitful for TIPO in terms of examination acceleration. Due to an increase of 33.66% in the number of concluded cases (13,473) and a decrease of 3.05% in the number of requests for substantive examination (9,908), the number of pending cases dropped to 148,944 (below 150,000), with average pendency being reduced by two and half months. In the same period, TIPO issued a total of 15,075 (a growth of 43.42%) first office actions and expected the number of backlogs be reduced to less than 140,000 by the end of this year.