Ministry of Justice – the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) was launched on 9 May 2007, taking over responsibility for the Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA), which ceased to exist at that date. The MoJ has also taken over many of the duties of the Home Office including management of prisons and the probation service, criminal law and sentencing policy.

Law on damages – the MoJ has published a consultation paper, The Law of Damages, which considers reports published by the Law Commission concerning claims for wrongful death, liability for psychiatric illness, damages for personal injury: medical, nursing and other expenses, collateral benefits and aggravated, exemplary and restitutionary damages.

Damages for wasted management time - wasted management time is only recoverable where the breach has caused a significant disruption to business and staff have been significantly diverted from their usual activities. Proving that the claimant's business development director was not able to leave the premises to drum up new work was sufficient to meet this requirement. The value of the director’s time was assessed by reference to an hourly rate based on his salary (Bridge UK.Com Limited v Abbey Pinford PLC [2007] EWHC 728 TCC). For the latest on the recovery of damages in respect of employees’ time, see Aerospace Publishing Ltd v Thames Water Utilities Ltd [2007] EWCA Civ 3.

Substitution of parties - the power under CPR 19.2(4) to order a new party to be substituted for an existing one if the existing party's interest has passed to the new party applies after judgment as well as before (Prescott v Dunwoody Marketing Ltd [2007] EWCA Civ 461).