The MAC published its latest recommended shortage occupation list on 12 September. The MAC is a non-departmental public body providing transparent, independent and evidence-based advice to the UK Government on migration issues.

The shortage occupation list recognises the jobs that have a shortage of workers from within the UK and the EEA. This means employers with a tier 2 sponsor licence are able to employ migrant workers from outside the EEA to fill shortage occupations without the need to conduct a resident labour market test.

The most notable additions to the proposed shortage occupation list amongst the 33 job titles are visual effects and computer animation experts. On the other hand, 29 occupations were recommended for exclusion including veterinary surgeons, file orchestral musicians and biology teachers.

The MAC has criticised the UK Government for failing to up-skill the resident labour force to fill the shortage occupations. The MAC's chairman, Professor David Metcalf, says: 'The MAC believes there is a strong case for cross-government engagement with the relevant sectors to fully understand why these occupations and jobs require ongoing access to migrants. And, where appropriate, to promote further initiatives to cut such dependence.'

The UK Government will consider the MAC's proposal and announce the final shortage occupation list in due course.